Each peson has specific needs, desires and perceptions. We cannot adapt a single eating plan to everyone. It will not be successful and will not lead to correct results. Our eating requirements are determined by height, weight, age, eating habits, our medical history, blood tests, lifestyle and our psychological state.

Let us together find out what suits you the best. Take your health and wellness in your hands. Let us together discover the cause of the problem. Allow me to advise you, to show you ways and guide you on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We will achieve this through both changes in diet and nutritional behavior as well as through the process of self-awareness. Only then can we separate emotions from eating if the latter becomes an obstacle in our life.

Through simple and efficient techniques we will together dicover what the cause of your eating problems is, and how these problems prevent you from conquering your goal, which is to maintain a long-tem result and increased energy levels.

We also undertake nutrition programs for pregnant women, athletes, children and cases of people with eating disorders.

You find it “impossible to live” without some of your favorite foods, which can be harmful for your body? I can suggest tasty and healthy alternative recipes.

The weight loss group sessions consist of 5-7 people with Maria Baskini serving as a coordinator. The objective of each group session is through constructive debate and communication, to gain knowledge from each other, support each other’s efforts and change behaviors that block and hinder us from achieving our goal.

The group benefits:

  •  Each team member shares their concerns and knowledge. An analysis follows the information and facts shared by the members and by the coordinator. This aims to find alternative approaches and overcome each problem.
  • The group promotes critical thinking and creativity.
  • The group helps us realize that there are other people going through similar situations. That we are not the only ones who face the same problem and that all of us strive for a common goal.
  • The group contributes to increased self-belief, and self-confidence, while our efforts are being successfully encouraged.
  • Our interaction and the thorough review among members help each one realize things about himself/herself in relation to eating.
  • Research shows that to share feelings and experiences with others helps relieve pain, anxiety and guilt.
  • Within the group the person realizes that everyone is responsible for his life, actions and choices.
  • The coordinator provides support and guidance to members in order for them to make decisions and act effectively improving their health and well-being.

Want to know your nutritional deficiencies? I can provide you with an analysis of your eating habits and also balance your nutritional needs by giving you food choices and that will be beneficial for you.

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I can come up with delicious, healthy, balanced and high on nutritional value family menus to achieve a better quality of life.

Corporate programs are aimed at companies, restaurants, foodservices and professionals associated with the food sector. In detail these programs include:

  • Nutritional analysis of products and recipes
  • Detailed documentation of their properties and benefits always scientifically substantiated.
  • Creation of delicious, well-being dishes with “super-food” ingredients and beneficial ingredients that promote health and wellness.
  • Writing informative material on nutritional issues as well as recording the nutritional identity of a product, for its market

If you live outside of Thessaloniki or do not have the time to visit my practice, I can create a personalized nutritional program for you. Communication will be taking place through e-mail or skype. Contact me at info@baskini.gr for more info.

If you are currently experiencing:

• Weight problems

• Fatigue and low energy levels

• Mood swings

• Gastrointestinal problems

• Elevated blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides)

• Increased blood glucose

• High blood pressure

• Heart disease

• Kidney disease and liver disease

• Arthritis

• Anemia

• Polycystic ovaries

Tip You can correct your nutritional imbalances with the right diet.