My private practice is located in the center of Thessaloniki and is equipped with state of the art equipment in order to perform whole body or compartmental body analysis (body and subcutaneous fat, lean muscle mass, analysis of body fluids). I also perform an assessment of your nutritional profile, and a measurement of both the basic but also the total metabolic rate with the help of two of the latest machines of their kind.


  • During our session we take into account your specific needs, such as medical history, eating habits and life style.
  • I perform an evaluation of metabolism and body composition (adipose tissue, muscle mass, body fluids, fluid retention) with the latest equipment.
  • I implement a holistic approach to health and wellness. This means that I study all aspects of your life as well as habits associated with eating. Through the process of self-awareness I try to gradually discover the root of the problem that causes this particular behavior.
  • Our goal while working together is for you to have a diet plan that will fit 100%.

71 Tsimiski
P.C. 54622

Tel.: +30 2310 229099